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Finally, the modern health plan for small businesses

Support your employees. Take control. Save money.

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If you work for a small business, you're paying up to twice as much for healthcare1 and getting half the value

HMOs, PPOs, HSAs, co-pay with a side of coinsurance…traditional health plans have become incomprehensible.

High deductible plans have left people functionally uninsured — what good is $1,000/mo health insurance if you also have a $5,000 deductible on top of it?
1 $2,370 small firm vs. $1,278 large firm avg. deductible; Figure 7.3 at (PDF)

A health plan built for small businesses

Unifi doesn’t just let business owners save on health insurance, it allows them to provide the highest quality healthcare options for their employees. For most business owners, taking care of their employees is their top priority.

For Members, the Unifi plan lets you:
  • Choose your flavor of primary care: virtual or in-person.
  • Go to your provider or facility of choice. We will help you identify the highest quality providers at the best cost.
  • Get help with any question - big or small. Have a question like “Can you help me find a provider?” or “What does this mean on my bill?”
    You can message or call us anytime. We are here for you.
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Say goodbye to the frustration and complexity of health insurance.

Plus, take home more of your paycheck while you're at it. For small business owners - lower company healthcare costs by 20%.

Simplify with Unifi

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