Moving Forward

For most of my life, my father has run a small business. My entirely unbiased opinion is that he is exceptional at finding and artfully transforming forgotten neighborhoods and buildings; a catalyst in opening the door to the start of something new, while never losing or compromising the essence of what was before. We started UnifiHealth to provide better, more affordable health benefits for businesses like my father’s – the… Read More »Moving Forward

12 Months In

Both of my parents are entrepreneurs. My mom has her own architecture practice and my dad started a software company. I could follow the floor plans – cloud computing, not so much. Unfortunately, using literal clouds as a visual aid is little help to an adolescent. It never really occurred to me the magnitude of what they were shouldering. We expect small business owners to solve complex problems, provide new… Read More »12 Months In


I had a great childhood – loving parents, great friends, and a wonderful community.  I grew in rural western Ohio in the most productive farming county in the state.  My Mom (pictured) was a guiding light throughout my childhood.  She was my town’s favorite hairdresser and everyone seemed to know her and came to her to share details – good and bad – about their lives. This is not to… Read More »Purpose.